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Securing your physical assets through
visibility & monitoring technology

We employ advanced visibility and monitoring technologies to ensure the utmost security and protection of your valuable physical assets. Our comprehensive approach enables real-time tracking, surveillance, and analysis, allowing for proactive risk mitigation and efficient incident response. With our professional expertise and cutting-edge solutions, we provide a robust framework that safeguards your assets, enhances operational efficiency, and maintains a secure environment. Through continuous monitoring, intelligent data analysis, and prompt intervention, we offer comprehensive protection and peace of mind for your physical assets.

An Overview

Our Service in a nutshell

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive business environment, organizations require a dependable and adaptable infrastructure to stay ahead. Al Fuzail recognizes this need and offers exceptional remote infrastructure management services that are scalable, secure, and of the highest quality. With our comprehensive end-to-end management and support of IT assets, we ensure seamless operations regardless of your business locations. Our Remote Infrastructure Management System (RIMS) is designed as an integrated solution, empowering you to optimize and expand your infrastructure efficiently to drive business growth. Leveraging our services, a significant majority of issues can be resolved remotely, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime. Trust Al Fuzail to deliver exceptional remote infrastructure management solutions that enable your organization to thrive in the competitive landscape.


Physical Security: Making sure your physical assets are secured with your visibility throughout.

Our stringent physical security measures ensure the protection of your valuable assets. From access control systems to surveillance technologies, we employ industry-leading solutions to safeguard your physical infrastructure and mitigate potential risks. With a focus on prevention, detection, and rapid response, we provide a secure environment that gives you peace of mind and confidence in the protection of your assets.

Asset Tracking & Analytics:

• Surveillance Video Installation & Service
• Wireless Video Solutions
• Security Consulting
• Access Controls
• Video Integrations
• IP & Analogs
• Video Monitoring Solutions
• Intercom

Seamless Video Surveillance

Utilizing Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and Cisco Video Surveillance IP cameras, our solution enables seamless access to real-time and archived video footage from a comprehensive range of cameras and networks. Experience enhanced visibility and control as you effortlessly monitor and retrieve critical video data for effective surveillance and analysis.

Access Controls for your Organization

Leveraging Cisco Physical Access Control, our solution empowers you to efficiently manage building access by creating and managing schedules for unlocking doors and controlling entry permissions. Seamlessly integrated with Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, it offers real-time tracking capabilities, automatically capturing video footage whenever an individual swipes an access card. Enhance your security measures with this comprehensive solution, ensuring seamless access management and robust surveillance.

Incident Response Management

Our integrated solution, Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS), provides a powerful platform for effectively managing incidents and emergencies through collaborative solutions. With IPICS, we enable seamless communication and coordination among various stakeholders, enhancing situational awareness and facilitating swift response and resolution. Empower your organization to efficiently handle critical situations with this advanced system, ensuring seamless interoperability and streamlined collaboration.

Access Controls for your Organization

Our extensive range of security cameras and surveillance solutions, sourced from industry leaders Hanwha Techwin and Cisco, offers a comprehensive array of options for both analog and network-based systems. Leveraging Cisco Meraki Technology, we provide seamless integration of scheduled recording and motion-based retention, allowing enterprises to tailor their camera settings to align with their specific retention requirements. Benefit from enhanced control and customization, ensuring optimal surveillance and security for your organization.

Immunize your organization

At Fuzail Al Arabia, we recognize the dynamic nature of today’s digital era and the evolving enterprise landscape. In this era of abundant opportunities and heightened competition, it is crucial for enterprise physical security to align with emerging technology trends. Our unwavering commitment lies in safeguarding your enterprise assets and resources through resilient security solutions. With our expertise, we provide comprehensive protection that adapts to the changing needs of your business, ensuring your valuable assets remain secure.

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