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An Overview

Of our Company and our Standing

Fuzail Al Arabia is a renowned and trusted partner in the realm of IP Telephony and Unified solutions, with a strong reputation for excellence. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we deliver reliable and advanced communication solutions encompassing a diverse range of IP and Unified Communication offerings. Our dedicated team of certified professionals and experienced consultants work tirelessly to ensure that your organization’s communication infrastructure aligns seamlessly with your growth ambitions, eliminating any bottlenecks and fostering uninterrupted collaboration


IP Telephony: Making your sure your connection with your clients and customers is robust.

Fuzail Al Arabia is one of the most trusted, experienced and reputed CISCO partners for IP Telephony and Unified solutions. With our impeccable track record, we provide reliable and sophisticated communication solutions through a wide range of IP and Unified Communication Solutions. Our certified implementation team and experienced consulting team would ensure that communication is never going to be a bottleneck for the growth plans you have envisaged for your Organization.

Pioneers in IP Phone System Solutions

Fuzail Al Arabia stands as a trailblazer in the implementation of cutting-edge IP Telephone Systems within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a wealth of domain expertise and extensive industry experience spanning decades, we have consistently served as the preferred partner for organizations seeking top-notch communication solutions. Our unrivaled proficiency in voice, networking, and server-side technologies enables us to deliver unparalleled understanding and knowledge to meet your business needs.

Dramatic Savings in Operational Costs

Through our expertise in communication technologies, we offer a strategic solution that optimizes your business operations, resulting in significant cost savings. Whether it’s outbound, inbound, or overseas calling, we seamlessly integrate the finest communication technologies to meet your diverse needs and enhance your overall efficiency.

Unify your Communication with our Experts.

At Fuzail Al Arabia, we specialize in enabling seamless integration of voice and data through the implementation of secure IP phone systems on robust IP data networks. Our expertise allows for a unified communication experience, consolidating management efforts and significantly reducing equipment and cabling infrastructure investments. By leveraging top-of-the-line IP-based Unified Communications solutions, we empower your organization with enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations.

Our Range of Communication Solutions Include:

• IP phone system design and support
• HQ-branch office voice system design
• Click-to-call dials Contact and Call Center IVR system
• Message recording system
• Softphone and Web camera for remote users
• Web phone directories
• Phone display customization
• Voice Plans
• Data cable integration
• Integration with E-mail contact list
• Voice mail and E-mail system Integration
• CRM/ERP system integration
• Facility Management from phone display
• Integration across applications
• PBX/Internet Telephony

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