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Is IT infrastructure investment really delivering business benefits? At Al Fuzail we engage our Consultancy Services to assist organizations address two key challenges.

What type of cost-effective IT Infrastructure investment is required to improve and support the business processes both now and in the future.

What are the real effects of the IT investments that have been made? Did they achieve the business objectives? What else needs to be done?

Using the Al Fuzail Consultancy Framework of Asses, Analyze and Recommend our local, world-class, expert consultants, who understand the needs of the local market, deliver the recommendations required to evaluate and develop IT infrastructures to assist organizations in meeting their goals. Below is a summary of the Consultancy Services we offer.

• Assessment, Testing and Optimization • Consolidation and Capacity Planning • Assessment, Policy Development and Auditing • Data Center Design and Architecture • ITIL Implementation • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery • IP and Wireless Service


With our experienced consulting teams, we can design a network to organically grow with your company and the demands of the market. Consulting with clients is a vital process and allows us to formulate effective solutions, whether that solution involves hardware, software, or both.